Medina Imports - Moroccan Handmade Artisanal Wares

Moroccan Imported

All items are hand-made and directly imported from Morocco. Each item is meticulously crafted with the finest materials which help each product last the test of time.

Medina Imports Moroccan Artisanal Products

Timeless Fashion

Tailored in traditional Moroccan and Berber designs, Medina Imports offers an eclectic bounty of contemporary and usable home accents and fashion accessories.

Medina Imports Moroccan

Diverse & Distinct Designs

Discover rich, soft leather home accents, beautifully handwoven Kilim carpet handbags, ornately engraved metal purses, and a sundry of vibrant and awe-inspiring home goods and fashion accessories with Medina Imports.

Artisanal Moroccan Imported
Accessories & Home Accents

Morocco, a hub for cultural diversity, is a land blending the beauty of  Arab, African, Berber and European influences. Complex patterns, like secret codes unlocking the mystery and beauty of it's design, can be seen throughout Moroccan architecture, handcrafted carpets, and decor.