Our Story

Bren Mientka - Medina ImportsBren, owner of Medina Imports and former resident of Colorado, started traveling to Morocco in 2001 and became enamoured with the landscapes, the people, and Moroccan design elements. While working on a remodel of her home, Bren began integrating a variety of Moroccan elements that caught the eye of her guests, family, and friends.

After receiving generous compliments and praise for her design prowess, family and friends urged Bren to employ her eye for Moroccan design in interesting new ways. She recognized there was a desire and market in the US for this particular design style. Upon numerous trips to Morocco, she saw the individual and expressive design applied by Moroccan artists. It became clear that Bren could offer specific design items as an import business, Medina Imports, which she founded in 2006.

Bren now resides in Talat, a small Berber village just outside of Ouarzazate, Morocco where she resurrected Medina Imports in 2016 as an online marketplace. Bren is aided in operations by her daughter, Hannah, who handles fulfillment operations in the US.

Medina Imports offers items that are handcrafted from Morocco with a focus on handbags, accessories, home decor items, and a diversity of other items, including custom items. Materials for Medina Imports are sourced only in Morocco which includes leather, carpets, metals, and other materials.

We Give Back

Medina Imports is dedicated to supporting the people and economy in Morocco by being a socially responsible business. A portion of the profits are given back to partnered artisans. We promote ethical trade, diversity, and equal opportunity in the workplace.

Ethical Trade

Medina Imports believes in offering high quality, unique, handcrafted products and services that are not made at the expense of workers’ rights. Artisans crafting our products are treated fairly. Our company promotes fair trade awareness and improved working conditions through better wages, safe working environments, and basic labor rights.